Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Physical Therapy, Session 1

We had our first physical therapy session on Monday. Lola is still very wary of the physical therapist, as any 13 month old would be. Any time Susan tried to hold Lola, Lola would cry. But, as soon as she was in my arms again, Lola was fine.

We learned two new exercises. One is a rowing motion where we hold Lola's arms, and move her in like she's rowing a boat, all while singing, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." It's kind of like a baby sit-up, but I'm doing most of the work for now.
The second exercise is rolling her over, again and again. For now, I am still doing almost all of the work, but eventually, she will (hopefully!) start doing it all on her own.

Since our appointment, I have been having difficulty getting her to do the exercises. When we row, her head falls backward and I feel like I'm going to kink her airway! And she gets pretty upset when I try to roll her. But, on a positive note, she's been rolling over more on her own, completely voluntarily!

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  1. Hi- just looking to see if there's an update in progress on your beauty. We're just starting down this road. Thank you :)