Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hip Helpers Are Here! The Hip Helpers Are Here!

Wearing her new hot pink Hip Helpers at the park.

Yesterday, the Hip Helpers I ordered came in the mail. (Super fast shipping!)
The Hip Helpers prevent Lola from scooting on her butt, because she can't sit with her legs out "Indian style" (or whatever the PC term is for that now. We called it "Indian style" when I was a kid.), so she is forced to crawl. She was crawling a few paces on her own before we got the Hip Helpers, but now she must crawl all over, and she has been getting a little bit frustrated at times. The Hip Helpers do not prevent her from pulling up to stand, but now she has to do it in a different way than she normally did it, which is also frustrating to her.

Lola crawling at the park.

In other news, she got fitted for her Sure Step SMOs on Thursday. Now we're playing the waiting game, waiting to hear if our insurance will cover them, and then waiting for them to be made. I am anxious to get them on her little feet. 

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