Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New developments...

Doing laps, cruising around her playpen.

On Saturday evening, Lola scooted over to the play pen that I'd recently dug out of the attic, indicated that she wanted to climb in by pulling up to stand and lifting her leg as if she would climb in if she could. So I lifted her up and put her in. A few minutes later, I realized she was doing laps, "cruising" around the edges of the playpen.  How exciting!

The only problem is her feet and so hyper-mobile that her feet are often sticking straight out to the sides instead of facing forward like normal feet. So now I have a prima ballerina/yogi for a daughter.

Like a ballerina in second position. 

So, next on our horizon is a visit with an orthopedist to get her fitted for ankle orthoses, and possibly one that goes above the ankle and converts to an ankle orthodic, like this one.

In the meantime, I ordered some hip helpers, which keep hypotonic kids from splaying their legs wide open, and they prevent Lola from scooting on her butt. She got to try on a pair at her physical therapy session yesterday, and she was crawling all over the place! 

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