Saturday, July 21, 2012

First steps.

Lola took her first steps June 27th, while we were in New Jersey.
Nearly a month later, and she's walking further and further distances.

She still needs to work on her core strength. I haven't seen her physical therapist since before we went to NJ, so I'm not sure if the walking changes anything in the frequency of our therapy visits, yet.

When we first got the hypotonia diagnosis, I thought walking would be in the far distant future. I didn't expect her to catch up so quickly!
This is not the case for many children with hypotonia. They put in many times the hours, the money, the frustration, the tears that I've gone through. Often, they have years and years of therapy, and more of it. Speech, occupational therapy, as well as physical therapy. Medical test after medical test.

Our journey to first steps was not a long road, but for many others it is.

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