Thursday, June 14, 2012

Great news!

So, I guess Lola's hypotonia is much more mild than we originally thought. I can't believe all the progress she's made since we started therapy.
She's very proud of herself!
When she was first evaluated, if I lay her on the floor, she would just lay there and not even attempt to get up. Now she's standing up without pulling up on anything!

She still definitely has some issues, we're still working on core strength and arm strength and crawling with her palms flat on the ground instead of just on the base of her fingers.

But we got some great news at her last physical therapy session... Lola's ankles have strengthened up enough on her own that she doesn't need the braces anymore (or at least, she doesn't need them so badly that we need to pay $800 out-of-pocket for them.)!

I'm sure she'll be walking any day now.

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