Monday, April 23, 2012

Okay, so now what?

So, what now?
Lola and big sister, Lulu.

I have no idea, really.

I know the physical therapist wants to see us twice a week. If I can get her enrolled in Early Steps (if I can ever get anyone on the phone!), someone will come to our house to work with her, too. 
I still need to speak with her pediatrician regarding any genetic, neurological, etc. tests she feels we should have done. 
I truly feel that she has "Benign Congenital Hypotonia," something she was born with and will hopefully outgrow. 

Whatever the cause of her low muscle tone, it really isn't devastatingly severe. 
When she was younger, if I sat her up, she could remain sitting. Eventually, she even learned how to propel herself by scooting on her butt. When she was almost a year old, she began to be able to roll over and get into a sitting position on her own. Now, at 13 months, she has been getting into a crawling position.
It doesn't seem like her fine motor skills are affected much, if at all. 
I'm not sure if she has a speech delay or not, she says a few words now, though she really only starting babbling and jabbering after she turned one.

Whatever the cause of her hypotonia, she is loved and adored by everyone she knows.

I'm sure her big brother and sister will be active participants in her therapy.

Lola and big brother, Rio.

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