Monday, April 23, 2012

Everything I Asked For

  I remember being pregnant with Lola, and promising her that she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted, that I wouldn't kick her out before she was ready to be born. And she took it quite literally and was born 10 to15 days after her due date (she had two, one based on fertility charting, and one on LMP.)

Caul baby.

When she was born, my water hadn't broken, and she was born in the caul. They say babies born in the caul are especially intuitive. I have to agree:

I wanted breastfeeding to work out so badly, and despite my low supply, she preferred nursing over bottlefeeding, so we used an SNS.

I was a butt-scooter when I was a baby, and neither of my older children scooted. I wanted a baby who did what I did!

Her big sister was walking by 10 months, and it felt like she was instantly not a baby anymore. I wanted a baby who would stay a baby for a while.

She's everything I've ever asked for, and so much more.

Love you, Lo.

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